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Systematic insulation and renovation
For many years, we have worked as manufacturers of cellulose insulation in many
European countries - constantly endeavouring to offer our customers high product
quality and good service.
We’d like to invite you to get to know our products and services. Find out for yourself
about our extensive product range for many different areas of application in thermal
insulation and soundproofing.

Would you like intelligent insulation?Systematic insulation
Blow-in Insulation
Continuous insulation
layer from floor to roof

... more

for later, easy and efficient roof renovation and roof insulation

fussbodenschuettungFloor Filling
Simple, do-it-yourself

... more
the “light” insulation solution for all cavity walling

daemmpelletsInsulation Pellets
Impact soundproofing
that’s “ecologically” better

... more
 dachschalungsbahnenVECTOR facade system
thermal bridge free construction with economic installation
klebematerialAdhesive Material
We “stick” to our promises

... more
 dachschalungsbahnenRoof Sheathing Rolls
Protect against driving rain,
UV-stable and open to diffusion

... more
dampfbremsvliesVapour-Proof Lining
Prevents moisture from

... more
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