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THERMOBLOW 200, 300, 500 and 1000

Uninterrupted, ecologically compatible and open to diffusion.

Blowing technology refers to a process by which the insulation material is installed by means of specially equipped machines into the building components. The insulation is pumped into hoses and transported further into the hollow spaces where it is compressed. There, the insulation material spreads out over the entire space and is compressed by pressure generating an uninterrupted and continuous insulation layer.

Advantages for installer and builder

Our special method of installation has considerable advantages for the installer as well as the builder. Benefits for the end-user include having an uninterrupted insulation layer that is free of thermal bridges. Existing roofs can be insulated later without removing the roof tiles and an insulation layer that is open to diffusion, and ecologically compatible with a cozy atmosphere can be created.

For many decades, the THERMOFLOC blowing technology system has been providing insulation solutions throughout the building fabric for new building projects as well as renovation or retrofitting of existing buildings. 

Important application areas:

  • Roof (pitched, hipped and flat)
  • External and internal walls
  • Top-storey ceiling

New products and application areas

  • THERMOFLOC Thermobag – for the insulation of existing roof areas

Experience and know-how

THERMOFLOC has decades of experience in the field of blowing insulation technology. Based on our know-how acquired during the practical application of injectable insulation materials, we have developed three types of blowing machines. Installation specialists in particular appreciate our knowledge in this area as well as the premium quality and efficiency of our machines. 

Three times blowing machines

All types of THERMOBLOW machines are appreciated for their short set-up times, the easy handling and excellent performance. Mechanical relay technology ensures low-maintenance, continuous operation. Accessories and spare parts are available at short notice.

    This is the smallest and most cost-effective blowing machine of the THERMOBLOW blow-in machines.

    This is a modern, robust and cost-effective blowing machine for THERMOFLOC cellulose insulation. Installation specialists appreciate the short setup times and the ease of handling.
    This machine is well suited for companies that want to factory fit insulation faster and cost-effectively.
    This is the most powerful blowing machine well suited for construction projects in which a large volume of insulation needs to be delivered.