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THERMOFLOC floor filling

Ultimate thermal and sound insulation.

This floor insulation option is not just easy to handle but also a brilliant alternative: In contrast to floor insulation in mat form, THERMOFLOC loose fill doesn’t have to be previously cut to size thus keeping waste to a minimum. With this floor insulation method, the material requirements can be exactly calculated in advance before being poured on evenly to achieve the desired insulation thickness and then spread to form a level surface. Material consumption is approx. 35 kg/m³. The technical performance is the same as the blown-in insulation.

Two times first-rate insulation.

Customers deciding on floor insulation with THERMOFLOC loose fill, can look forward to an outstanding product: While guaranteeing optimum thermal insulation performance, the loose fill also has excellent acoustic absorption properties. As well as helping reduce energy bills, THERMOFLOC simultaneously allows for a most comfortable living space climate.

Floor insulation with minor static load

In contrast to the blown-in insulation, THERMOFLOC loose fill is processed by hand. In order to ensure premium quality, the insulation material is less compressed in the packaging. The floor filling is exclusively used as a non-load bearing insulation for horizontal applications – like, for example, in top storey ceilings and between floor joists. The use of loose fill insulation generates only minor static stress.

Loose fill for floor insulation - all benefits at a glance

  • Simple handling
  • Can be calculated exactly
  • Ultimate thermal insulation
  • Perfect sound insulation
  • Minor static stress
  • Energy saving floor insulation
  • Comfortable indoor environment