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Facade insulation with Thermofloc

Facade insulation with Thermofloc

Facade insulation with Thermofloc cellulose insulation combined with the UPSI joist system.

Over the last few years, the composite heat insulation system consisting of polystyrene and a suitable thin plastering has fallen into disrepute due to increased fire risk. The nesting of woodpeckers, shedding of facade insulation and growth of undesirable humidity and mold fungus between the composite heat insulation and the masonry have considerably increased doubts as to this insulation method in case of improperly installed components. In addition, the ultimate disposal costs and high pesticide exposure during the utilization phase are considered questionable. However, most of the- problems described above could be avoided through a number of constructions characterized by their intelligent design.

One of those facade systems is based on the UPSI joists of Lignotrend offering different systems excellently suited for the construction of timber frame walls or facade insulation. With the Upsi F, Upsi T and Upsi S joists and walls, Lignotrend provides a variety of products especially suitable for facade insulation.

This facade system application is illustrated here, using the example of the IGS school Lengede:

The Upsi joists are fixed to the wall with wooden frames. The compartments are separated by Upsi joint fleece interlayers and later can be filled with Thermofloc cellulose insulation material leaving no joints at all. 

After cladding the underlying construction with an OSB panel and a facade sheet, the compartments formed by the Upsi joists are filled with Thermofloc cellulose insulation.
Upon completion of the underlying construction ventilated facade panels in different colors are mounted thus protecting the construction against external impacts including footballs, bikes etc. 

These works have been carried out by the specialized Thermofloc company:  

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