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THERMOFLOC insulation pellets

For supporting insulation layers.

THERMOFLOC insulation pellets are granules made from cellulose fibers. No matter whether you have a concrete slab or a wooden beam ceiling – the insulation qualities of both types of construction can be markedly improved using THERMOFLOC insulation pellets. What’s more, the pellets provide outstanding sound insulation. They are furthermore ideally suited as a supporting insulation layer due to the high bulk weight (500 kg/m³).

THERMOFLOC insulation pellets are especially well suited for floor fillings.  The granules are 3 to 8 mm in size and are simply poured to the desired depth and then spread to form a level surface. In this way, subfloor constructions can be created quickly with an installation height ranging 30 mm to 80 mm.

THERMOFLOC insulation pellets - all benefits at a glance

  • Made from natural cellulose fibers
  • Improved insulation properties
  • of timber and concrete
  • For floor filling
  • Quick creation of subfloor constructions