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Houseboat building project in Hamburg

Houseboat building project in Hamburg

A houseboat in Hamburg was insulated with Thermofloc for this project.

Resulting from a longstanding cooperation between Thermofloc, Krusch Dämmtechnik and a carpentry business, our expert was commissioned to insulate a sophisticatedly built houseboat in the city of Hamburg.

The main reason for this decision was the outstanding moisture behavior of the Thermofloc cellulose insulation material and the low wall thickness combined with the good insulating properties in timber frame construction. Also the summer heat protection and the efficient sound insulation proved to be important criteria for the planner's decision. It allowed him to build an ideal wall structure with an insulation thickness of 20 cm in the wall and ceiling that meets all requirements of the owner but still leaves plenty of interior space. The positive experience with this construction promises further contracts with planned houseboats in the future.

These works were carried out by the following Thermofloc specialized company:

Krusch Dämmtechnik GmbH
Am großen Brack 21
D-21423 Winsen