For supporting insulation layers.

THERMOFLOC insulation pellets are granules made from cellulose fibers. No matter whether you have a concrete slab or a wooden beam ceiling – the insulation qualities of both types of construction can be markedly improved using THERMOFLOC insulation pellets. What’s more, the pellets provide outstanding sound insulation. They are furthermore ideally suited as a supporting insulation layer due to the high bulk weight (455 kg/m³).

THERMOFLOC insulation pellets are especially well suited for floor fillings.  The granules are 3 to 8 mm in size and are simply poured to the desired depth and then spread to form a level surface. In this way, subfloor constructions can be created quickly with an installation height ranging 30 mm to 80 mm.

THERMOFLOC insulation pellets - all benefits at a glance

  • Made from natural cellulose fibers
  • Improved insulation properties
  • of timber and concrete
  • For floor filling
  • Quick creation of subfloor constructions

Tested application

1. fermacell screed element10 mm
2. fermacell screed element10 mm
3. Wood fiberboard10 mm
4. THERMOFLOC Pellets60 mm
5. Reinforced concrete ceiling140 mm
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Examples of use

Storey Ceiling with exposed beam ceiling

1. Timber floor board25 mm
2. Soft fibre N-F40 mm
3. Soft fiber cover panel8 mm
4. THERMOFLOC Pellets30-100 mm
5. Waterproof layer0,1 mm
6. Fireproof sheathing40 mm

Storey Ceiling, wooden beam ceiling, old stock

1. OSB/Plywood19 mm
2. Beams/THERMOFLOC Pellets + Fibre110-190 mm
3. Existing curtain insulation layer30 mm
4. Lathing30 mm
5. Air50 mm
6. Plaster base35 mm
7. Ceiling plaster10 mm

Storey Ceiling solid ceiling

1. Timber floor board20 mm
2. Soft fibre N-F40 mm
3. Soft fibre cover panel8 mm
4. THERMOFLOC Pellets30-120 mm
5. Concrete ceiling160 mm

Storey Ceiling, wet room with dry screed

1. Stoneware
2. Gypsum fibreboard25 mm
3. Wood soft fiberboard, staggered2x20 mm
4. THERMOFLOC Pellets80-120 mm
5. Reinforced concrete ceiling160 mm

Storey Ceiling, dry screed

1. Floor covering
2. Flooring panel18 mm
3. Wood soft fiberboard, staggered2x20 mm
4. THERMOFLOC Pellets40-120 mm
5. Reinforced concrete ceiling160 mm
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THERMOFLOC proof of quality

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