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Thermal insulation of THERMOFLOC - Insulation in cellulose Thermal insulation of THERMOFLOC - Insulation in cellulose Thermal insulation of THERMOFLOC - Insulation in cellulose Thermal insulation of THERMOFLOC - Insulation in cellulose
Pleasantly cool in the summer ...
... cozy warm in the winter
Thermofloc - for a gapless, complete insulation layer
Thermofloc - for optimum comfort

Thermal insulation by THERMOFLOC – near-natural cellulose based insulation

THERMOFLOC is a premium cellulose based insulation material made from unmixed newspaper and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. THERMOFLOC is fully CE marked and holds the coveted natureplus® mark of quality. Made from organic cellulose, THERMOFLOC satisfies all customer needs in terms of thermal insulation properties and processing options while at the same time requires very low processing energy in manufacture.

The installation process of the thermal insulation in ceilings, floors and walls by means of special THERMOBLOW blowing machines generates virtually no waste and is less time-consuming and costly compared to common insulation systems. For more than 20 years, THERMOFLOC has been one of the most trusted brands of environmentally sensible, sustainable and efficient insulation.

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THERMOFLOC insulation materials for professionals & end users

More and more professionals and end users throughout Europe are making THERMOFLOC cellulose their first choice of insulation.


THERMOFLOC insulation helps create a comfortable indoor environment all year round whilst at the same time helping reduce your heating costs considerably.

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Successful insulation and refurbishment

The THERMOFLOC cellulose based insulation material is installed by means of specially equipped THERMOBLOW blowing machines operated by certified companies throughout Europe. The insulation is pumped under air pressure into the hollow spaces of the building components, where it is compressed in accordance with the material handling instructions to produce an uninterrupted and complete insulation layer that is open to diffusion. The installation process generates virtually no waste since only a carefully measured quantity of insulation is blown into each individual building component and even the tiniest cavities are completely filled with the material.