Blow-in insulation for the manual infilling of the blow-in machines by means of bags at the construction site

For the manual infilling and installation we offer our clients the THERMOFLOC-blow-in insulation in 12,5 or 14 kg bags depending on the size and engine power of the used blow-in machine. Only trained installers are allowed to install the THERMOFLOC-blow-in insulation. Therefore the blow-in insulation is pumped under air pressure into the hollow spaces of the building components, where it is compressed in accordance with the material handling instructions to produce an uninterrupted and complete insulation layer that is open to diffusion.

Application possibilities for blown-in insulation

The near-natural THERMOFLOC fibers are used in building projects carried out in more than 21 European countries and the number of builders that are convinced about the many benefits of THERMOFLOC insulation systems is growing constantly. Basically, each construction component can be equipped with an injectable insulation. Compared to conventional insulation systems, it differs just in the sequence of the various working steps. We will be happy to advise you in all aspects concerning THERMOFLOC blown-in insulation!

THERMOFLOC blow-in insulation - all benefits at a glance

  • Quick, reasonably priced, efficient
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Uninterrupted and vapor open insulation layer
  • Overall airtightness of cracks, corners and cavities
  • Comfortable living comfort in any season
  • Available for any building component

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